Introducing Channel Foam

Our clinical specialist, John Mulligan, RMT/CLT-LANA, visited the Földi Clinic in the summer of 2011 and found the therapists there using foam they called Wave Foam as padding underneath their bandaging. It was a channeled foam of medium density and it had a dramatic effect on fibrotic tissue.

Inspired by the Földi therapists and their ingenuity, we wanted to make this unique and effective padding foam available to Canadian therapists.

Lymphedema Depot is happy to present our new Channel Foam. This convolute grey foam is a half inch thick with quarter inch thick channels cut through it. These peaks and channels create high and low pressure zones and encourage lymphatic flow in a distal to proximal direction while also sinking into and softening fibrotic tissue.

Our Channel Foam comes in 2’ x 3’ sheets which, like our flat sheets of therapeutic grey foam, can be custom cut for individual patients to create the right shape and size needed for incorporatioin into a multi-layer bandage application. We are confident that this new foam will find a place in lymphedema practices all over Canada.

Therapists can order this foam directly from Lymphedema Depot by using the ordering form found on this page:  Simply click on the thumbnail picture of the order sheet at the bottom of the page.

Lymphedema Depot offers grey foam in several thicknesses to be used as padding in multi-layer lymphedema bandaging as well as the new Channel Foam. Foam padding is an essential element of multilayer lymphedema bandaging as it works to disperse the concentric rings of pressure caused by overlapping short stretch bandaging. This evenly dispersed pressure allows the multi-layer bandage to create a consistent compression gradient throughout the length of the limb.

For more information about grey foam or the Solaris line of therapeutic garments (Tribute, Caresia, ReadyWrap and Swell Spots) available from Lymphedema Depot in Canada, please visit our website at or email us at