Pathways: Canada’s Lymphedema Magazine

We received our initial issue of Pathways magazine today, the new full colour, glossy, magazine-style publication of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework and its provincial associations. The slogan under the title is “Empowering patients and professionals,” and the potential for empowerment as embodied by this magazine is tremendous.. The new lymphedema magazine includes articles about the science of lymphedema as well as the personal side of the story as told by patients and advocates. It is a beautiful magazine to look at and potentially signals the beginning of a new era for the lymphedema movement.

There are great articles about lymphedema patient’s stories, lymphatic research in Canada, exercise after breast cancer, lymphedema advocacy and more. With approximately 63,000 adults and children living with primary and secondary lymphedema in Ontario, and  with more than 250,000 cancer survivors in Ontario living with the risk of developing lymphedema, there is certainly an audience for this magazine. With those numbers representing the reality of lymphedema in Ontario alone, you can imagine that there is a national lymphedema community just waiting for this publication.

 Each province that has a lymphedema association will have an insert in the magazines distributed in their province, so there will be local as well as national content in every issue.

You can read more about Pathways, Canada’s Lymphedema Magazine, at the Lymphedema Association of Ontario’s website: Just click on the article “New Canadian Lymphedema Magazine- free for LAO members.”

We encourage you to become a member of your provincial lymphedema association. You can find contact information for the associations  on our links page, here And don’t forget to subscribe to Pathways by emailing Pass a copy along to your doctor and your local cancer centre. We are proud to see the Canadian lymphedema movement gain a powerful voice.