Spring Events for the Lymphedema Community

The days are getting longer and a bit warmer. Spring is almost here! Another sure sign of spring is the burgeoning list of upcoming events on the Lymphedema Depot Events page. We use this webpage to publish a calendar of events  that are of interest to members of the lymphedema community. While we have a focus on events that serve the Canadian lymphedema community we also include international lymphedema events.

Springtime is a busy time for events, conferences, classes and meetings. It takes planning to attend the ones you want to attend, so check our events page before you make your plans! The events that we list are not solely focused on lymphedema, but also include events that focus on related disorders. We include information on events in such fields as wound care, venous disorders, foot care, cancer, edema management, adipose disorders such as Dercum’s disease, lipedema and others. While we can’t list every event in the medical field we do try to keep the list relevant.

Our events list came about as an outgrowth of our Links page. As a Canadian company that serves the lymphedema and related disorders community we frequently receive calls from patients, family member and therapists, among others, who are looking for resources. Since anybody involved in lymphedema has had experience with a lack of resources, we felt that we could easily provide the service of letting people know what is actually available. Finding information and connecting with others is just as important as finding quality treatment.

You can visit our Events page by going to our website and clicking on Events, or just use this link: www.LymphedemaDepot.com/events.

Visit our Links page by going to our website and clicking on Links, or just use this link: www.LymphedemaDepot.com/links.