Product Spotlight on Isoband

Isoband is one of those versatile bandages that you will find uses for if you have it on hand. It is a woven, lightweight, latex-free bandage that is relatively short-stretch and can be sterilized, washed and dried flat without losing any of its therapeutic properties.

Isoband is available in 15 and 20 centimeter widths. The 15 centimeter is excellent to use as a fixing bandage. If you are using foams to pad a large leg, for example, Isoband works well to hold the foam in place while providing a good under-surface for the Comprilan layer, reducing slippage and bandage migration. The 20 centimeter width is the bandage of choice for truncal and abdominal bandaging as well as for affixing foams to extremely large limbs. Both sizes can be used to wrap a hip spica, depending on the size and needs of your patient.

Isoband can be a crucial part of a good multi-layer lymphedema compression bandage. It can provide stability and add structure and compression. You will find it has many uses in the clinic, especially when dealing with leg and truncal lymphedema.

To learn more about Isoband for lymphedema, click here.

To order Isoband online go to our online store here and click on Short Stretch.

What’s New at Lymphedema Depot?

if you have visited our website lately you might have noticed some new features and products. As we expand into more product lines we hope to offer the convenience of helping customers find multiple products that they can use all in one place.

For instance, we are now offering Lymphoderm, a skin care lotion that has been the standard of skin care for eighteen years for patients with lymphedema and other conditions. Formulated with the pure, healing properties of mineral rich seaweed, herbal extracts and essential oils, Lymphoderm is a lightly scented, non-greasy natural skin moisturizer high in immune enhancing anti-oxidants. You can learn more about Lymphoderm by visiting our online store and reading the product description.

Wait a minute, did I say ONLINE STORE? Yes, Lymphedema Depot finally has an online retail store, and we could not be more excited. This gives retail purchasers the opportunity to buy select Lymphedema Depot offerings easily and conveniently in a secure online environment.

What else is new? We are now offering TheraFit from Solaris. TheraFit is a    standard-sized, adjustable compression garment designed by healthcare professionals to help simplify nightly lymphedema management. This garment offers a custom-adjustable compression level via its unique stretch lacing system. It is available in a generous selection of standard sizes and utilizes the same high performance material and chip foam system as the Solaris Tribute. You can learn more about it by visiting our website.

Of course we are still a convenient source for BSN Medical bandaging products. We offer a full complement of bandaging  materials to make life easier and more convenient for therapists and patients alike. if you don’t see a BSN product that you need on our website or our web store, feel free to call or email us and we will locate the item for you.

A lot is happening at Lymphedema Depot! If you would like to stay informed and keep up with the changes, you can sign up to receive our newsletter. We enjoy staying in touch with you!

Leukotape® K: A Great Addition to Your Toolbox


I recently attended a kinesiotaping class sponsored by BSN Medical and taught by Louise Danielli. Louise has co-developed and teaches Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping for Lymphedema using Leukotape® K by BSN Medical.

The class was dynamic and interactive. There was a lecture portion in the morning and after a good lunch that was included in the price of the workshop we had the opportunity to do hands on work with Leukotape® K.

I learned that neuro-proprioceptive taping has a number of ingenious applications for lymphedema. The tape itself is specially made to lightly lift the skin and move with the patient. This skin stimulation has the effect of creating a space where the lymphatics are lightly stimulated and lymphatic fluid flow is encouraged. This helps to gently amplify the lymphatic drainage from a saturated area to a lymphatic territory that can absorb and process this excess fluid.

In addition to serving as an adjunct to lymphedema treatment, Leukotape® K also has many applications in more orthopedic cases. The tape can be used for joint support, pain relief and muscle inhibition or facilitation, either holding muscles in place or helping them move more easily, depending on how tape is applied.

Louise has had experience with many kinds of neuro-proprioceptive tape, and she spoke very highly of Leukotape® K as having superior adhesive qualities. She also explained that the fact that Leukotape® K is also available in three different sizes makes it especially versatile. By choosing the most appropriate size, the practitioner can save time that might be spent cutting larger widths down to size. The availability of a wider size also gives the opportunity to use the tape in more supportive applications over larger muscle groups using fewer strips.

The class was inspiring and energizing. As a therapist I look forward to using tape as another tool in finding the best solutions for my patients.

To find out more about BSN’s Leukotape® K visit our website here. To find out about taking a class to learn about this application, practitioners should contact their local BSN medical representative.





Lymphedema Depot Now Carrying BSN Medical Bandaging Supplies


Lymphedema Depot is happy to announce that we are now carrying bandaging supplies from BSN Medical Canada. We are now able to offer compression bandaging and related products for the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency and related disorders to our customers in the Canadian lymphedema, venous and wound-care communities and we look forward to a long and happy association with BSN Medical in Canada.

Lymphedema patients and clinicians use Comprilan and other BSN Medical products to build a compression bandage for the arm or leg that is affected by lymphedema and related disorders. Bandaging creates a compression gradient that encourages swelling to leave the limb, and helps to prevent the re-accumulation of fluid in the limb.

Bandaging can also be used to treat venous conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency. Bandaging applications are also useful in wound healing, as we see a growing knowledge base supporting the use of compression bandaging in the treatment of venous ulcers.  Other conditions such as lipedema and mixed edemas also respond well to compression bandaging.

To learn more about our BSN bandaging or to order bandaging, visit our website at


Advanced and Creative Lymphedema Bandaging Class

Lymphedema Depot’s own John Mulligan will teach a lymphedema bandaging class in Brantford, Ontario on September 22nd. John says it’s about advanced concepts, techniques and problem-solving. John presents a unique learning opportunity based on his training, extensive experience. John likes to say that multi-layer bandaging is an art as well as a science. He will discuss and demonstrate a number of techniques and materials to address common bandaging problems and challenges. After taking this class the practitioner will have the confidence and ability to develop and adapt bandaging techniques that are safe and effective in even the most challenging cases. If you are in the area and working with patients who are coping with lymphedema, lipedema, venous insufficiency and other complex problems that respond to compression, you still have time to register for this unique class.

To register, visit our events page at and click on the registration form, or email John at

We hope to see you there!

This class is open to therapists and other medical professionals who see lymphedema and related conditions in their practices.



Introducing Channel Foam

Our clinical specialist, John Mulligan, RMT/CLT-LANA, visited the Földi Clinic in the summer of 2011 and found the therapists there using foam they called Wave Foam as padding underneath their bandaging. It was a channeled foam of medium density and it had a dramatic effect on fibrotic tissue.

Inspired by the Földi therapists and their ingenuity, we wanted to make this unique and effective padding foam available to Canadian therapists.

Lymphedema Depot is happy to present our new Channel Foam. This convolute grey foam is a half inch thick with quarter inch thick channels cut through it. These peaks and channels create high and low pressure zones and encourage lymphatic flow in a distal to proximal direction while also sinking into and softening fibrotic tissue.

Our Channel Foam comes in 2’ x 3’ sheets which, like our flat sheets of therapeutic grey foam, can be custom cut for individual patients to create the right shape and size needed for incorporatioin into a multi-layer bandage application. We are confident that this new foam will find a place in lymphedema practices all over Canada.

Therapists can order this foam directly from Lymphedema Depot by using the ordering form found on this page:  Simply click on the thumbnail picture of the order sheet at the bottom of the page.

Lymphedema Depot offers grey foam in several thicknesses to be used as padding in multi-layer lymphedema bandaging as well as the new Channel Foam. Foam padding is an essential element of multilayer lymphedema bandaging as it works to disperse the concentric rings of pressure caused by overlapping short stretch bandaging. This evenly dispersed pressure allows the multi-layer bandage to create a consistent compression gradient throughout the length of the limb.

For more information about grey foam or the Solaris line of therapeutic garments (Tribute, Caresia, ReadyWrap and Swell Spots) available from Lymphedema Depot in Canada, please visit our website at or email us at