ReadyWrap: An Alternative to Compression Stockings!

ReadyWrap low-elastic medical binders are the perfect alternative or supplement to elastic compression hosiery. The low-stretch materials work with the venous and lymphatic systems to naturally improve fluid movement, enhancing the calf’s natural muscle pump and producing low resting and high working pressures. ReadyWrap’s easy Velcro™ closure system also allows for easy donning and doffing, especially for individuals who have difficulty donning elastic compression garments.

Instead of struggling with compression stockings to treat venous insufficiency or lymphedema and related disorders,  the ReadyWrap components are simply and easily closed around the foot, lower leg, knee and thigh to provide compression as needed. Because ReadyWrap is a low-stretch, adjustable wrap it can be worn at night as well as during the day by simply adjusting the pressure to the comfort level required.

The ReadyWrap is easily applied. A patient or a caregiver can learn to put it on effectively in a matter of moments. Of course, it is just as easy to take off and reapply. This allows patients and caregivers to monitor the condition of the skin on a daily basis, insuring patient safety and well-being. Patients that are being seen for poor cirulation, venous problems, swollen legs or swollen ankles can all benefit from inelastic compression.

ReadyWrap can be worn over venous ulcers that have been covered with wound dressing material. Wound care professionals know that reducing edema is key to healing wounds. Discuss this application with your wound care team.

ReadyWrap is the only low-stretch compression garment of its kind that is available in a full leg application in standard sizes. The standard size  ReadyWrap thigh piece accommodates a girth of up to 100 centimeters.

The ReadyWrap components of foot, calf, knee and thigh can be ordered separately or in any combination that is needed by the patient. Because each component is a standard size, they are reasonably priced and quickly obtained.

ReadyWrap is made of materials that release heat and moisture for maximum comfort. The material is also very skin-friendly. There is also an optional sock called the Solaris Silver Liner that can be ordered with the ReadyWrap. It has silver content in the fabric that makes it  very comfortable to wear under the low-stretch medical garment if you wish.

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You can see a flier that shows the features of the ReadyWrap leg garments here:ReadyWrap features.


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